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What should you expect when you deal with a customs broker?

At McClary, Swift & Co., Inc., the following are essential elements to be discussed when we begin to handle consignments for you:

Reasonable Care

We stand ready to conduct a detailed and complete review of your classifications and procedures to ensure that you are in compliance with the requirements set forth under standards of Reasonable Care. Reasonable Care includes but is not limited to:

  • A legal requirement for making an accurate description of merchandise in accordance with 19 U.S.C. 1481 (invoice and contents).
  • Verification that customs classifications are correct. If desired we will obtain a binding ruling, ensuring that you have no future problems in regards to classification.
  • Valuation issues to be examined in accordance with 19 U.S.C. 1481 and 1401.1 (Value). Valuation issues involve such matters as purchase price of the goods, costs incurred in the transaction which may not be included in the prices paid to the sellers.
  • Other matters affecting valuation that may need attention include: Packing costs // Commissions Paid to Agents // Royalties // Transportation Costs // Insurance Costs // Country of Origin.

We will review matters with your key personnel to ensure that your company is in compliance with the laws as required. McClary, Swift & Co., Inc. is aware of the requirements and keeps in house up to date information about new rulings and requirements.

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Compliance Concerns:

Are you aware that your "Compliance Concerns" should include a program wherein you:

  • Maintain an internal procedures manual detailing your company's compliance with Customs requirements.
  • Review import operations to make sure you are up to date with compliance requirements.
  • Maintain import and accounting records for five years.
  • We will assist you to understand and comply with these requirements!

Electronic Filing Systems

Speed and accuracy are essential keys to ensuring that your goods are cleared through Customs in a timely manner and are therefore in your possession at the earliest possible moment. We accomplish this through our electronic link with Customs, the FDA, the FCC, and all relevant government agencies that may be involved in the import procedure. Our people provide the speed and accuracy, while our technology ensures that not a moment is lost in the transfer of information.

Management Reports

McClary, Swift & Co., Inc. offers its clients several management reports including the Import Activity Report and the Tariff Activity Report. These can be generated for any time period requested and can be used to insure that your company is always completely informed about import movements. For example, the Tariff Activity Report details Importer name, Tariff description, Entry date, File number, Entry number, Entry type, Importer reference number, Tariff value, Duty and Quantity. The availability of the reports will help ensure that your company is in complete compliance with Customs duty issues.

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Integrated Services

Ask about our door to door transportation and customs services from all major points worldwide using both air and ocean contracts! When we take control, we give you control of the costs, the timing, and the information and paperwork flow. Our transportation services can ensure that your customs problems become a distant memory by being sure that all details are set up correctly from the start.

With a complete Customs entry checkup, you can rely on McClary, Swift & Co., Inc. to protect your company's interests now and in the future.


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